Empowering HR Excellence

We bring a distinctive and exclusive approach to Human Resources that caters to companies of all sizes. Our proprietary tools are not only applicable but essential for every business. Leveraging cutting-edge psychographics and machine learning, we enhance your HR department's ability to identify, select, and nurture top talent.

Our focus is on optimizing talent retention and development, propelling your organization to new heights. With our proprietary tools, you can reduce costs, enhance productivity, and achieve ROI-driven HR decisions.

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Transforming Strategies Through Technology

We are not an outsourcer, and we don't replace your HR department. Data IQ, LLC. is your cost-effective partner aimed at elevating your existing HR practices. Our suite of proprietary tools equips you to "Select, Develop, and Retain Top Talent & Valued Customers." By infusing objective criteria into the hiring and training process, we replace subjectivity with data-driven insights for more informed decisions.

Merging Experience & Innovation

Data IQ, LLC. bridges the gap between innovation and experience. We harness the power of predictive analytics and AI, making it accessible to Small and Medium-sized businesses. With a repository of 20 million completed proprietary assessments, we offer unmatched data insights, revolutionizing hiring and training practices.

The Team's Pledge

The strength of Data IQ, LLC. lies in its principal team. Each member boasts extensive C-level and Board of Director experience, bringing integrity, dedication, and a harmonious synergy to the table. We're driven by the aspiration to address a key challenge facing businesses today: attracting top candidates that align with company values. Historically limited to large corporations, our transformative technology is now available to small and medium-sized enterprises, making high-end solutions accessible to all.

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Our Vision for Impact

Our vision is rooted in democratizing advanced HR solutions. Previously confined to larger enterprises, our goal was to empower businesses of all sizes to harness predictive analytics, AI, and data-driven insights for sustainable growth. With Data IQ, LLC., innovation meets experience, creating a powerful ally in navigating the complex landscape of talent acquisition, development, and retention.

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Meet Our Team Members

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